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Hi All! All the above is good and lead me to do the following: I refinanced through an out-of-state company located in Virginia. They told me they could not recommend a title company but give me a list of five that they "use all the time". Based on the comment above, I reviewed the names of several title companies that were listed and identified the ones that were big national players. Following the advice here I identified one of the bigger names and then went to Yelp and researched the company. I came up with a fellow in San Francisco that was nothing short of excellent. He had five five-star reviews from brokers and individuals and that was pretty much enough for me. My experience with them has been excellent and about The only other thing I can say is if you are living in California know that state law has fixed the fees so there's no particular advantage one title company to another monetarily. Integrity and excellence are to me pretty much the big things you're looking for at that point.



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